Lactation Consultant

Amanda Bude is an experienced Registered Nurse/ Registered Midwife  International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Specialist and HypnoBirthing Child Birthing Educator. 
Amanda began her medical career in 1995 with her Bachelor of Nursing and quickly realised she had a passion for all things baby!
 She completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery in 1997, and she has spent her career dedicated to the support and care for families through pregnancy, birth and beyond in a holistic nature.
 Her combined clinical experience has been in Reproductive Medicine, Ante- natal, Birth and Postnatal care. 
After the birth of her first child in 2007, followed closely in 2008 with the birth of her twins, she quickly found a supportive need for feeding and sleep issues within the community was lacking.
She has now been in private practice for over 14 years, working with families to uncover the reasons why their child may not be feeding competently or sleeping soundly.
As an IBCLC she is certified to work with simple and complex feeding scenarios. She believes that you and your baby deserve the time and attention for a thorough assessment, using validated tools, the latest in evidenced based information to create an individual plan to solve, and support your feeding goals.
She has specialist training in Tongue Tie Identification and the skills required to support the journey this anatomical situation can impact on families.
Other areas of specialty include:
1. Initial Lactation Consultation:
90 mins- $250

During this time a comprehensive history, oral exam and an observation of feed will be undertaken.

-Feeding Assessment- breast or bottle

-Breast/Nipple Assessment

-Flange fitting if applicable

-Care Plan based on assessment findings

-Report to care provider if indicated

From this assessment a lactation plan will be implemented.

-2 week online follow up

2. Antenatal Consultations: $200

90 mins- prepare for breastfeeding/colostrum harvesting/bottle feeding information.

-Information for normal and cesarean births.

– Information for mums- to- be that have breast implants, had breast surgery, gestational diabetes, or other endocrine issues.

– Information on baby cues/how to latch/positions/ prevention of nipple damage/ first week of feeding information.

3. Follow up visits: $170
60 mins- check plan/weight checks/ post tongue tie revision
4. Flange fitting service 30 mins $80
-The wrong size flange combined with incorrect use of a pump will impact your milk supply and feeding journey.
Commercial breast pumps usually come with 2 size flanges (24mm or 28mm) and mums assume that these are the correct size for them.
-Just like getting the proper, comfortable fit for a pair of shoes, having the incorrect flange size, can cause pain, discomfort, nipple damage, swollen areola, thus low milk yield- all leading to potential breast duct damage.
Often it is wrongly assumed that there is low milk supply or something is wrong with the baby and how he/she is feeding.

-A correct flange fit and design that is important for pain free and comfortable pumping.. and MOST importantly milk yield!

Amanda is excited to provide lactation and feeding support for clients at Optimum Wellbeing in a comfortable, holistic, nurturing environment.

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