Relieve Lower Back Pain

Many of us suffer from lower back pain. This impacts our work, our free time and general enjoyment of life. Most often lower back pain is a result of poor posture. Many of us have work where we spend 8 hours or more hunched over a computer screen resulting in back pain. So what can we do about it?

Your first port of call should be an osteopath. Osteopathy can redress the problems and start to improve posture. An osteopath will assist the spine into it’s correct alignment by gentle techniques and some manipulation if needed.

Next you have to look after yourself so the problem does not keep recurring. Better posture and more movement from exercise such as pilates or yoga will help. Get up and move around at the work place or go for walks in your free time.

Last but by no means least is the work you have to do on yourself, every day, whenever you can find a spare moment. The journey begins and always ends with you and greater results will always be seen if you can do the work in between your appointments with us. So below are some home stretches that you can begin TODAY.

Here are 3 great simple stretches to help with lower back pain and stiffness:

1. Hug knees to the chest stretching down to the tail bone.

Back Pain Stiffness1

Lower Back Stretch 1

2. Take the knees over to the side and look over the opposite shoulder. Don’t push or rush. Just let the lower back lengthen and release.

Pain Relief Osteopath1

Lower Back Stretch 2

3. Hip stretch. Take the ankle of the Right leg and place it on the left knee. Place both hands on the Left knee and hug into the chest. You should feel a good stretch in the Right buttocks. Discontinue if you feel any pain in the Right knee. Repeat on the other side.

Lower Back Stretch1

Lower Back Stretch 3

Warm the body up before doing the stretches.
Hold all stretches for a minimum of 30 seconds and do both sides. If you feel any pain discontinue and discuss at your next Osteopathic consultation.

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