Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness based on the principle that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself. Using the healing power of nature and gentle therapeutic techniques, the body, mind and emotions are supported during the healing process.
Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person as an individual and treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Naturopathy encompasses a variety of treatment methods including:

  • Nutritional medicine and dietary advice for restoration of balance, detoxification and prevention of disease
  • Herbal Medicine to help prevent and treat various illnesses
  • Lifestyle advice to promote well-being and to reduce stress
  • Soft tissue manipulation to rebalance the body’s systems, to reduce pain and to enable detoxification

Naturopathy can alleviate a wide range of conditions and is suitable for all ages. Some of the more common conditions treated include fatigue, stress related ailments, digestive problems, hormonal issues and general aches and pains. However, you do not need to be unwell to benefit from naturopathy and it can be used to optimise and maintain good health.

Naturopathic treatments boost the body’s natural healing potential, restoring harmony and preventing disease.

What is the Cost?

Initial Consult : $150 for 1.5 hours

Repeat Consults : $95 for 45 minutes

Acute Consults : $40 for 25 minutes


Our Naturopath Nicole Chester – Naturopath & Herbalist
Nicole completed her Advanced Diploma of Health Science in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in 1997.

After starting her career in the northern Brisbane suburbs and Sunshine Coast. Nicole moved to the Gold Coast 15 years ago, where she has been practicing as a naturopath in northern NSW and the southern Gold Coast.

With over 22 years of clinical experience in Natural Therapies, she believes preventative medicine and investing in your own health are essential to reach optimal wellness. She feels blessed to have chosen a career that is so rewarding for her and her clients.

Nicole treats a wide range of conditions, with a special interest in women’s and men’s hormonal imbalances, children’s health, gut health, stress and anxiety, mental health and autoimmune and post viral syndromes.

Nicole strongly believes that the body is designed to win.  No condition is untreatable, once you can establish the underlying causes and triggers of someone’s illness.  Her naturopathic consultations involve thorough detailed case taking, physical examination and dietary analysis. The ability to interpret functional pathology, and bring all of these together, gives Nicole a clear insight into each individual case to provide the best possible outcome for her clients.

She possesses a particular love and passion, and growing respect, for the effectiveness of herbal medicine.  A simple approach to her treatment plans utilising diet, lifestyle herbs and nutrition has proved time and again to achieve the best results. 

Nicole has two adventurous and adorable girls who are a priority in her life.  She trusts that life is all about balance and leading by example.  Nicole loves the simple things in life; spending time with her girls in the outdoors, keeping fit, amazing food in good company and lots of laughter!

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