What is Organ Manipulation – How can it help?

Visceral manipulation (VM) or Organ Manipulation is a gentle form of manual therapy, treating the visceral (organ) systems in the body. VM works with the body’s ability to heal itself and achieve balance. We often think of muscle aches and pains, maybe a sore ligament or tendon – but what if the issue was stemming from one of your organs?

The optimum function for our organs relies upon interdependent movements that occur within and around all the organs. Each organ in the body has a fascial connection to the musculoskeletal system. We are in fact a web of interconnected tissues so any adhesions between two tissues or organs results in a lack of free movement. Ultimately this means a decrease of organ function. Through Organ Manipulation we can assist in improving that organ’s functionality.

An Example of How Organ Manipulation Can Help

Let’s think about breathing. There are a number of movements that occur in your chest when you breathe. You are breathing all day long and so consider all the different movements that will occur. For instance all the articulations in the thorax that occur as you are going from sitting to standing, walking, running. Also when you move through heat or into cold the diaphragm will have to adjust. Now imagine a bit of stickiness (an adhesion) between two structures in your thorax. Hence the flow of interconnected movements is altered.

As we move about our day our organs slide and glide with each other. However one adhesion, even a small one, impedes these movements. The consequences of this can affect us broadly. If the adhesion remains for sometime the interruption to the flow can be magnified and our health will suffer. Adhesions will develop due to trauma, dehydration of tissues, surgery, infections, inflammation, and all forms of stress. Through Visceral or Organ Manipulation we can address the adhesions and restore the balance of interconnected flow in the body.

Dr. Nick Bradley Osteopath at Optimum Wellbeing, Gold Coast has trained under Jean-Pierre Barral in Visceral Organ Manipulation. He is committed to improving organ health and function and therefore assisting in Optimum Wellness.

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