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Looking for an Osteopath near Nerang?

Osteopath near Nerang : Optimum Wellbeing is based in Worongary just off exit 77 on the Pacific Highway, 5 minutes south from Nerang.

Our Osteopaths treat patients who suffer from headaches, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), asthma, joint pain, menstrual problems, sports injuries and pregnancy issues. An osteopath may also help manage chronic disorders such as arthritis. Patients come to us in mild to acute pain and through osteopathy treatment the body’s natural balance is restored and so healing can begin.

Osteopathy is effective pain relief and looks for the cause of the issue treating both the cause and the symptoms for greater health results.

Here at Optimum Wellbeing we believe in treating holistically and we commonly treat with osteopathy alongside naturopathy and remedial massage. So that’s 3 powerful modalities close to Nerang.

We Have 3 experienced Osteopaths near Nerang: Dr Nick Bradley, Dr.Tim Millier and Dr Josh Cutter


Initial consult: $135 (45 mins)

Standard consult $105 (30 mins)

Read On For a Quick Look at What an Osteopath near Nerang can do for you – 

  • An osteopath is an Allied Health professional who specialises in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.
  • In Osteopathy we believe that the body can heal itself if the right combination of manual techniques such as massage and the manipulation of muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons are used to bring the body back to a cohesive whole.
  • Osteopaths look at your complete history and observe how your body functions when you sit, stand and lie down, as well as physically examining the patient by using palpation to determine which areas of the body are healthy and which are in pain.
  • An osteopath observes the spine, shoulders and pelvis to determine where the body is out of balance.
  • Different techniques can be used in osteopathic treatment, such as the pumping technique, traction, manipulations, stretching techniques, muscle energy techniques, counterstrain techniques or high velocity-low amplitude and cranio-sacral.
  • If osteopathic treatment is suitable for you, a treatment plan will be devised for you by your osteopath.
  • Osteopaths treat a wide range of patients, from children to the elderly.
  • We can also assist pregnant women by helping to reduce back pain as well as readying the body for childbirth.

There are many other conditions that may benefit from treatment by an osteopath near Nerang so please don’t hesitate to call, 07 5530 7921 for more information. We are located 5 minutes from Nerang on the hinterland side of the highway.




Here are a few FAQ’s about our Osteopathic Clinic near Nerang :

What will Happen at my first consultation?
Your Osteopath will ask about your problem and symptoms. This will include your medical history, any medications you are taking or other factors that may not appear to be directly related to your problem. Your Optimum Wellbeing Osteopath will advise you if they can treat you or you need to be referred. Your Gold Coast Osteopath will conduct an examination and clinical tests. These include diagnostic, orthopaedic or neurological tests, postural assessments and activities or exercises, which will help determine how best to manage your condition. The examination may include passive and active movements. The Osteopath may lift your arms or legs and you may be asked to bend over or stand. Be sure to wear comfortable, flexible and appropriate clothing. Osteopathy takes a whole of body approach to treatment. Your osteopath may look at the area that is troubling you as well as other parts of your body. For example if you have a sore knee, your Osteopath may also look at your ankle, pelvis and back. Your osteopath may also provide education and advice to help you manage your condition between treatments. This may include giving you exercises to do at home or work.
How quickly will the Osteopathic Treatment at Optimum Wellbeing, Gold Coast help me?
You should feel some immediate relief. However in the days following it is natural to feel a little sore as the body rebalances itself. It is important to continue with follow up appointments in order to aid the rebalancing and help the body heal.
Do I need a referral from my GP to see the Osteopath?
No, you can make an appointment directly without a referral. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition and require complex care you may be eligible for Chronic Disease Management (CDM) assistance, or an EPC. The GP must complete a special referral form to refer you to an osteopath for treatment.
Can I still receive treatments if I am pregnant?
Yes, osteopathic treatment has been shown to be an effective, safe and gentle way to treat mothers during pregnancy. Regular osteopathic treatments can also assist in the body being in the best condition to go through a natural birth.
How soon after having a baby should I book in to see Nick Bradley Osteopath, Gold Coast?
You can come in to see Nick Bradley Osteopath Gold Coast in the same week as giving birth. It is extremely beneficial to mother and baby to receive osteopathic treatments shortly after birth to aid the recovery process and assist with rebalancing the body after such an intense journey for both mother and child. Osteopathy can also help a new born relese any tensions and trauma caused by birth and therefore assist with improved feeding and sleeping.
How long will my appointment take?
Optimum Wellbeing Centre, Gold Coast is 45 minutes is normal for your first appointment, with a 30 minute follow up appointment.
Are Osteopath treatments covered by my Private Health Insurance?
Yes many private health insurance schemes give benefits for Osteopathic treatment. Reimbursement will depend on the insurer and the plan you have chosen. Contact the helpline of your insurance company who will explain the actual benefits and methods of claim for your individual policy. We offer the HICAPS system at the clinic for immediate payment of your claim.
Are Osteopath treatments covered by Medicare?
You are able claim the majority of your treatment costs with your Medicare card, provided you are on the Enhanced Primary Care (E.P.C.) Plan. Discuss your eligibility with your Osteopath and GP. If you have “extras” with your health insurance, you will be able to claim a portion of your treatment costs. Using the Hicaps system, we can process that for you at our reception.

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