Knee pain ; All too familiar for the avid runner, can be painful, debilitating and disheartening. Particularly when it prevents you from doing the things you love. You may have experienced the typical sharp pain from a traumatic injury that athletes are all too familiar with. Although other knee pain can range from early morning stiffness, tenderness when walking, aching under the knee cap, pain when climbing upstairs, clicking or even locking of the knee. However most knee pain isn’t caused by the knee at all!

What is the Function of the Knee

The knee is a mobiliser of movement, meaning it helps us achieve the movements required by our lower limbs like walking, running, squatting and climbing. It is a joint that is directed by the hips and then the ankles. The knee itself is not a driver of movement. So when we experience knee pain, it is often due to imbalances or lack of motion experienced at the hips, or lower down at the ankles. When the knee is made to work harder because of an imbalance somewhere else in the lower limb then we begin to experience knee  pain. Overuse of the knee can lead to damage of the tissues around it, including muscular strains, tendinopathies and even osteoarthritis.

So how do we correct knee pain?

How do we heal and how do we prevent ongoing damage? Good news is, there is hope! Consulting your osteopath about full body functional screening will help to determine where in the body the cause of the imbalance is. By correcting this imbalance, using osteopathic treatment and rehabilitation exercise, you can restore the function of your lower limb.

What will an Osteopath do?

Your osteopath will aim to improve the mobility of your lower limb. As well as providing a rehabilitation plan using simple stretching and exercises. Simple exercises to improve the range of motion of your ankles and muscle activation exercises to help balance the stress through the knee. They will also prescribe strengthening exercises to improve the stability through the hips. This will all contribute to more optimal lower limb function.


Therefore by taking a global approach to your knee pain, you will be able to offload the extra stress on your knees. This will prevent further damage and improve the quality of movement through your lower limb. Which means getting back to doing the things that you love.

Optimum Wellbeing Osteopathy Clinic will:

  • Improve mobility and body balance
  • Provide you with strengthening and flexibility exercises to improve whole body health, prevent injury, help improve physical strength and endurance
  • Provide a synergy of therapies including osteopathy, remedial massage and naturopathy

If you would like to know more about how osteopathic treatment can help Or how to be proactive in maintaining whole body health and fitness, contact us today to arrange an appointment with one of our qualified staff at Optimum Wellbeing Osteopathic Clinic Gold Coast, ph. 5530 7921

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