Rebecca Pizzi – Remedial Massage Therapist

Rebecca PizziRebecca Pizzi – Remedial Massage Therapist and Dry Needling Practitioner

Rebecca holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage, a Cert 4 in Clinical Pilates and certificates in Trigger Point Dry Needling and Myo-fascial Cupping. Each treatment is tailored with a range of different techniques to suit the individual needs of the client. Rebecca believes that Remedial Therapy coupled with Pilates which offers prescriptive lengthening and strengthening exercises means that you can attain and maintain optimal movement and function. All this paired with Osteopathy, makes for a more effective and holistic approach to treatment.

She is passionate about finding and treating the cause of the dysfunction, not just the pain or
tension. She encourages clients to learn about their bodies’ specific needs and habitual patterns. This leads to better and pain free outcomes long term.

Rebecca is a mum of 2 daughters. She has a strong gymnastics background, having competed
nationally in her teenage years. This inspired her career path with the motto that movement is life.
Rebecca is continually attending seminars and courses to further her skills and knowledge.

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