Repetitive Strain Injury, or as it is more commonly known RSI, is a painful condition in which the muscles, nerves and tendons become aggravated through constant repetitive use.

There are a number of contributing factors to RSI:

  • Poorly organised work area
  • Poor posture
  • Tiredness
  • Working long periods without a break

Just to name a few.

You may be affected by RSI if you experience pain, numbness or tingling in the affected area (more commonly in neck, shoulder, arms or wrist). The symptoms of RSI can be quite debilitating if not treated promptly, and could result in loss of functionality and chronic pain. Delaying treatment increases rehabilitation time and in some cases, inhibits the individual’s capacity to work, resulting in loss of income and associated stress. Seeking treatment from a qualified osteopath can certainly help you regain healthy optimum movement and pain relief.

So how can osteopathy help you? Here at Optimum Wellbeing, our team of osteopaths take a holistic approach to the treatment of RSI, and because of the extensive training we undertake as allied health professionals, we can accurately determine which group of muscles are responsible for your pain. We understand the link between bodily structures, such as skeletal and joints, and the way the body functions, (i.e. circulation, organs, nerves etc), so once we have made an assessment of your condition we are able to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to begin the healing process and get you back to enjoying optimum health.

This plan could involve a range of exercises and stretching, massage treatment, remedial supplements along with recommendations for correct posture and ergonomic equipment for your home and workspace. Our highly trained staff of osteopaths, massage therapists and naturopaths will work together to design a comprehensive treatment plan that will bring you the best results, and bring the area of your body affected by RSI back to its proper function.

It is important that if you are experiencing symptoms of RSI that you act now! Call Optimum Wellbeing Osteopath Clinic today and make an appointment to discuss your concerns, so that we can start you on the road to a pain free future today.

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