Treat Stiff and Painful Neck Conditions with Gua Sha.

How many of us suffer from a stiff neck and neck pain? According to TCM, when the neck and upper back become stiff and painful it is usually due to physical weakness, fatigue or strain. Wry neck is also due to incorrect sleeping position or draft of cold which causes blockages in Qi and Blood.  In these cases it is very painful to turn the neck or head.

When the stiff neck is acute keep it warm with a heat pack. Also avoid the outdoors until you have been treated. Warmth will dispel pain and increase the circulation to avoid more stiffness setting in. “Gua Sha” or Scraping moves the external pathogen of wind from the body and can help even a long term neck problem. Used in conjunction with Acupressure to common points in the neck shoulders wrists and ankles on meridian points which connect to the neck will help the Qi to circulate evenly.

Gua Sha is a treatment which brings great relief to painful soft tissue. Remedial Massage is also used to relive the stress from the musculature from incorrect sleeping positions.

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