The Pain Cycle and the benefits of Remedial Massage

The Pain Cycle is initiated when painful stimuli from pain producing structures such as joints and the autonomic nervous system cause the muscles to guard and contract.

The localised muscle guarding restricts movement and decreases local circulation which restrict the amount of oxygen available to the tissues and the removal of metabolic wastes.

Muscle guarding is intensified and the cycle repeats itself. Massage interrupts the pain cycle and can help the following:

The following soft tissue conditions can result from a direct blow or an overload and excess effort due to overuse.

  • Contracture – shortening of a muscle
  • Hypertonicity – greater muscular contraction at rest
  • Hypersensitivity – decreased pain threshold
  • Soft tissue thickening – Focal area and intra muscular
  • Inflammation – Acute and Chronic due to injury
  • Oedema – Swelling
  • Adhesions- Abnormal collagen attachments post trauma
  • Scar tissue – Healing bridge jointing adjacent fibres
  • Soft tissue tears – Result of direct or indirect overload
  • Contusions – Ruptured blood vessels.

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