Regular Exercise – Why Should We Do it?

Why should we keep up with regular exercise? Recently I had the chance to catch up with an older relative from interstate who was suffering from lateral ankle pain which was making daily walking uncomfortable.  Interestingly the pain in the ankle was actually the result of decreased mobility in the hip due to osteoarthritis which was affecting the mechanics of the whole lower limb and restricting proper ankle mobility.  This resulted in a deep dull ache in the ankle that would gradually worsen over the course of the daily walk. 

12 months earlier we had caught up over the Christmas break and at that time we had also discussed this same ankle pain and I had suggested a range of exercises that may be beneficial.  Upon questioning my sore and sorry relative he admitted that he had started with the exercises sporadically and over the course of the year had ceased altogether. 

Now this relative was staying on holidays with a good friend of the same age.  Upon hearing our conversation the friend described how a regular set of morning mobility exercises had banished his chronic lower back pain.  After years of hard work in a physical occupation he had suffered from almost daily lower back pain but had found that simple regular exercises now made back pain a rare occurrence. 

Conclusion :

The simple lesson to be learnt from this interaction is that simple regular exercise can create large differences to quality of life.  Simply 10 minutes a day can result in huge gains.  Gentle movement and mobilisation can restore and maintain optimal joint mechanics and help to modulate pain.

The body has been called the ultimate adaptation machine: it adapts to what we do with it, and conversely the body adapts to what we don’t do with it.  This is why you can pick surfers by their shoulder and upper back development, and video gamers by their rounded shoulders and forward head carriage, distance runners by their slender physique, and sprinters by their strong muscular legs and torso. 

Whilst you may not be a surfer, sprinter or a runner, you can still optimise the type of body that you would like to live in. 

What has this to do with Osteopathy? Our aim here at the clinic is to help you attain your movement goals so that you can live the best life possible. By working with you and the issues your body has we tailor a set of exercises that will help your specific injury or imbalance to get you back to full health and moving well.

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