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Preparation for your appointment

Please bring with you any results from blood tests, x-rays or scans to Optimum Wellbeing Osteopathy and Naturopathy appointments. If this is your first visit then you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionaire on your health to date. This helps your practitioner know immediately how he or she can assist you. The questionaire takes about 5 minutes to fill out so we ask that you arrive at the clinic 10 minutes before your first appointment. To save time you can download the form above, print it out and complete it at home. Just remember to bring it with you.
At your first consultation your practitioner may feel it’s necessary to send you to get some tests done, be it bloodwork or x-rays.

We accept all major health funds.

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1. How quickly will the osteopathic treatment at Optimum Wellbeing, Gold Coast start to help me?

You should feel some immediate relief. However in the days following it is natural to feel a little sore as the body rebalances itself. It is important to continue with follow up appointments in order to aid the rebalancing and help the body heal.

2. What is Naturopathy and how does it differ from conventional medicine?

Naturopathy is a holistic modality that considers the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects of a patient’s health. Instead of identifying disease and using a reductionist approach, Naturopathy will aim to treat the cause and support the whole body. The treatments include dietary advice, herbal medicine, supplements and lifestyle modifications.

3. Is Naturopathy safe?

Naturopathy is a safe modality. However there is a potential risk of adverse effects with supplements/herbal medicine and medication. However the prescriptions are selected carefully to avoid this from happening.

4. Do I need a referral from my GP to see a Naturopath at the Optimum Wellbeing Centre, Gold Coast?

No you do not need a referral from a GP to see a Naturopath at Optimum Wellbeing.

5. Does Optimum Wellbeing Centre Osteopathy and Naturopathy work on children and babies?

Yes. Osteopathy and Natuopathy does work on all ages. Osteopathy can help address any compressions caused during birth and rebalance the baby’s body through gentle cranio-sacral treatments. And Naturopathy can help whether it be dietary advice for breast feeding mothers or infants starting on solids to using supplements, herbal medicine and probiotics. Naturopathy can be used on a whole range of health issues.

6. I exercise regularly and eat really well but still feel sluggish and tired all the time, can the Optimum Wellbeing Centre Naturopath help me?

A Naturopath will be able to look deeper into your health. Sometimes you need a little extra help with supplements and herbal medicine to increase your energy. For instance if your adrenal glands or thyroid gland is not working properly you will feel sluggish no matter how much you exercise or how clean you eat. It could just simply be a missing nutrient in your diet.

7. How long does a naturopathy consult take?

The initial consult can take up to an hour and a half. Cameron spends time taking a thorough case history. Follow up appointments last up to 45 minutes but as you progress it is possible to just pop in for a tincture or supplements.

8. What can I expect from my first appointment with Cameron Barker, Naturopath at Optimum Wellbeing Centre, Gold Coast?

The first consult will involve detailed case taking, physical examination, diet analysis, education/advice as well as treatment plan and prescription of herbs and/or supplements.

9. I'm not suffering from acute pain, should I still make an appointment with the Osteopath at Optimum Wellbeing Centre, Gold Coast?

Osteopathy is incredibly effective with chronic pain as there are several techniques that can be used, some are very subtle and gentle so you won’t suffer from the session but instead start the healing process.

10. Do I have to arrive early to my Osteopath or Naturopath appointment at Optimum Wellbeing Centre, Gold Coast?

Arriving 5 minutes early would be helpful to sign the consent form. However, you will be sent forms to fill out via email when you make a booking.

12. Are there additional investigations or treatments from the Optimum Wellbeing Centre Naturopath available, that aren’t mentioned on the website?

More specifically the Naturopath uses blood, urine and functional testing for extra information if required. Other investigations used during the consult are urine analysis, blood glucose testing and general physical examinations.

13. Is it advisable to see the Optimum Wellbeing Osteopath if I am pregnant.

Yes the Optimum Wellbeing Osteopath can assist during all stages of pregnancy. As the baby grows different pressures are placed on the mother’s body and osteopathy can ease these aches and pains and also can prepare the body for birth.

14. How soon after having a baby should I come and see Nick Bradley Osteopath Optimum Wellbeing Gold Coast?

You can come in to see Nick Bradley Osteopath Gold Coast in the same week as giving birth. It is extremely beneficial to mother and baby to receive osteopathic treatments shortly after birth to aid the recovery process and assist with rebalancing the body after such an intense journey for both mother and child. Osteopathy can also help a new born relese any tensions and trauma caused by birth and therefore assist with improved feeding and sleeping.

15. Can I see the Optimum Wellbeing Centre Naturopath if I just had a baby?

Yes. It would be very beneficial to see a Naturopath after having a baby to assess your nutrient levels and replenish your body with anything that is deficient.

16. Can massage therapy at Optimum Wellbeing Gold Coast compliment osteopathy or naturopathy?

Absolutely. As Cameron Barker Naturopath at Optimum Wellbeing, Gold Coast works with you on health and you begin to detox, a massage can aid that process and speed up the elimination of toxins from your body. Similarly Nick may advise getting a massage prior to his treatment so that the body is in a more relaxed state so he can work deeper into the root of the issue.

16. What sort of conditions do the Naturopaths at Optimum Wellbeing Centre, Gold Coast work with?

Naturopaths can work with most conditions. The most common being anxiety, depression, gut disturbances, hormonal imbalances, weight issues, lowered immunity/recurrent infections and fatigue.

17. How many treatments or appointments will I need at Optimum Wellbeing Centre, Gold Coast?

The amount of appointments required is all based on the complexity of your case and how long you have been unwell for. Therefore it could be from 2-3 appointments to ongoing treatment for several months.

18. Can I claim my Optimum Wellbeing Centre Osteopath or Naturopath appointments on Private health Insurance?

Yes you can claim your appointments on Private Health Insurance.

19. Can I see the Optimum Wellbeing Centre Naturopath if I am currently pregnant?

Yes. It would be very beneficial to see a Naturopath whilst pregnant to monitor any nutrient deficiencies and help the body get ready for childbirth.

20. Does Optimum Wellbeing Centre Naturopathy work on children and babies?

Naturopathy does work on all ages. Whether it be dietary advice to using supplements and herbal medicine. Naturopathy can be used on a whole range of health issues.

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