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Dr. Nick-BradleyDr. Nick Bradley MA.OsteoMed – Osteopath – Registered osteopath and member of the Australian Osteopathic Association.

Nick completed his three-year Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathy) and two years Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine. He has worked in clinics on the Gold Coast and Brisbane before setting up Optimum Wellbeing. He uses a range of techniques such as: joint mobilization, joint manipulation, cranial-sacral techniques, muscle energy techniques, myofacial release,point therapy, visceral osteopathy, biopuncture and dry needling. He is also a father of two and has a great understanding of treating children and women during pregnancy and assisting with recovery after child birth.

Nick regulary attends post graduate seminars to further his skills. He has a strong interest in visceral (organ) manipulation and has completed courses with the Barral institute.

Having taught and practiced yoga for over a decade, teaching all over the world. Nick has taken his personal practice to advanced levels, which has given him a unique insight into the complexities of biomechanics of the human body. He also understands the strains that can be placed upon the body from any practice of high-end human movement. From this knowledge, Nick offers his patients valuable strengthening and mobility exercises in order to attain optimal performance.

Nick is also very passionate about nutrition and believes in optimizing ones biochemistry goes hand in hand with optimising ones biomechanics. He completed his master’s paper on the role of nutrition within osteopathy.

Nick believes in an accurate diagnosis, which then can lead to specific treatment and rehabilitation strategies. He offers comprehensive ongoing guidance and support and Nicks aim is to reduce pain, increase biomechanics and augment the fastest healing process and achieve its fullest potential.

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