How to Relieve Shoulder Injuries or Bursitis

Shoulder Injury is an issue we work with at Optimum Wellbeing. The most common cause of shoulder pain that we see is Shoulder Bursitis.

What is shoulder bursitis?

Shoulder Bursitis is simply an inflamed bursa of the shoulder. Bursa’s are fluid-filled sacs which are usually located adjacent to tendons and other tissues in order to help reduce friction between associated structures. There are over 150 bursae located in the body with several located in the shoulder joint.

What causes shoulder bursitis:

Shoulder bursitis is a common issue due to overuse, injury of a tissue that surrounds a joint or disease. At Optimum Wellbeing, we mainly see repetitive strain bursitis compared to the other two types.

Overuse or repetitively doing the same movement causes the tissue to become inflamed, which can then lead to bursitis. Examples of repetitive movements include: lifting heavy items, poor posture at home or work, sport (Bowling in cricket or pitching in baseball, netball or basketball), painting.


Gradual onset of pain

Painful around the top or at the side of the shoulder

Redness and swelling around the shoulder

Unable or difficult to lift arms above shoulder height

Painful when you reach for a shelf, wash your hair or put a coat on.


Your Osteopath is able to skilfully diagnose shoulder bursitis and treat both the symptoms and the cause of the injury. Imaging can be used to confirm a diagnosis, and this will be talked about during your consult with your osteopath.

What can I do at home?

Specific advice will be given during your consult depending on the injury. This may include advice on how to rest it, pain management advice and any exercises that might be required.

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