The body is ensheathed in connective tissue, it surrounds the heart, the nervous system, the muscles the organs and the digestive tract.

It has been found that the connective tissue is known to be piezoelectric, that is it generates an electrical field when compressed or stretched due to its crystalline formation.

This interconnected electronic fabric that is the connective tissue system depends upon a continuous flow of energy, when this flow is inhibited due to physical or emotional
trauma or lack of movement, the mechanical properties of the tissue are effected and pain may arise.

The properties of Length, Flexibility and Elasticity and Resiliancy of the connective tissue can be somewhat restored with Bodywork, as the restoration of the flow of energy can be accomplished by applying pressure to the effected areas. Also stretching allows the energy to maintain its flow within the bodily systems.

The connective tissue is made of strong collegen fibres that are embedded in a gel like substance. From the physics of gels we can predict that pressure or movement may cause the ground substance to dissolve and then allows the tissue to become more hydrated and trapped toxins and metabolites can be released.

When the matrix gels again it is softer more open more hydrated to allow renewal and pain free movement and flexibility can be restored.

I always advise my clients to maintain a good program of stretching to maintain wellbeing along with regular Massage Therapy.

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Notes taken from an Article “The Scientific Basis of Bodywork and Movement therapies.

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