The Many Benefits of Remedial Massage

by | Sep 19, 2016

Remedial massage primarily addresses injuries and postural issues in the body using individual treatment plans for each client.


An assessment is made to rectify: pain and dysfunction to specifically address areas with poor : range of motion around joints to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and ease of activity thus improving: posture and range of movement.

Your overall wellbeing will greatly benefit from regular massage as your : blood pressure and heart rate is lowered: improving the circulatory system.

The body reacts to stress by producing and releasing hormones such as norepinephrine, adrenaline, and cortisol. This is known as the fight or flight instinct.

Massage soothes the nervous system directly to help reduce these hormones and release endorphins, making one feel much happier.

Due to a reduction in stress hormones massage may assist the body to naturally boost immunity, also improving lymphatic drainage.

Massage releases trigger points, stretches and elongates muscles and breaks down adhesions: reducing scar tissue post surgery/injury.

With increased blood flow to the tissues, massage may help to alleviate pain by transporting oxygenated blood to the cells to assist in repairing damage to the soft tissues.

Lastly massage increases skin tone and elasticity with an increase in circulation and cellular nutrition this aids cell regeneration and generates sebum production for well nourished skin.

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